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Many of the adventures linked from this page are older adventures that were released during calendar years 2008-2010. These adventures were compliant with the core rules at the time they were written, but have not been updated to comply with the many rule changes and improvements that D&D 4th Edition has undergone over the years. In general, the Year 1 (1-X) adventures were written with the original 4E rulebooks, and the Year 2 (2-X) adventures were written after the first major wave of rules updates that came with DMG2. You should double-check these adventures when it comes to things like Essentials DCs, MM3 damage expressions, and so forth. DMs are empowered to adjust older adventures as needed (particularly where monster stats and skill DCs are concerned) to ensure an enjoyable play experience.

Adventures that are marked as UNRELEASED were announced at some point during the campaign, but for various reasons were never released. The reasons vary for each adventure that did not get released, and ultimately the reasons are unimportant. LFR had a very ambitious schedule in its first two years and the pace was difficult for everyone involved -- authors, developers, editors, and staff. A handful of adventures fell by the wayside despite the best intentions of everyone involved. We have no plans to release these adventures in any form. They are listed here because they were announced, so we want to ensure that there is no ambiguity about their status.

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Adapted Adventures

ADAP1-01 Barrow of the Ogre King Adapted by Chris Tulach Levels 1-2 (H1-low)
ADAP1-02 Scepter Tower of Spellgard by David Noonan and Greg A. Vaughan Levels 1-2 (H1-low)
ADAP1-03 Scepter Tower of Spellgard (Part 2)    
ADAP1-04 Scepter Tower of Spellgard (Part 3)    
ADAP1-05 Menace of the Icy Spire by M. Sean Molley Levels 1-4 (H1)
ADAP2-01 Monument of the Ancients by Brian R. James and Matt James Levels 11-14 (P1)
ADAP2-02 The Spiral Gate by Scott Fitzgerald Gray Levels 14-17 (P2)

Adventuring Company Adventures

These adventures are designed to be played by groups where most or all of the PCs at the table are members of the same Adventuring Company. (For more information about forming your own Adventuring Company, see the LFR Meta-Organization Guide.) We also classify Battle Interactives as Adventuring Company adventures. (Note that you get both the Heroic and Paragon tier adventures if you click on either link for ADCP2-2; they are combined in a single download file, but they are separate adventures.)

ADCP1-01 Jungle Hunt by Paige Leitman and Dave Brainard H1, H2, H3, P1
ADCP2-01 The Paladins' Plague by M. Sean Molley H1, H2, H3, P1, P2
ADCP2-02H Heart of the Desert: Race Against Time by Pieter Sleijpen and Renout van Rijn H1, H2, H3
ADCP2-02P Heart of the Desert: Clash of Titans by Shawn Merwin P1, P2
ADCP3-01 Swarm of Chaos by Gary Affeldt and Greg Marks Levels 1-20
ADCP3-02 From Dawn Till Dusk by Krishna Simonse, Pierre van Rooden,
Pieter Sleijpen, and Renout van Rijn
Levels 1-20
ADCP4-01 by Levels 1-20
ADCP4-02 by Levels 1-20
ADCP5-01 by Levels 1-20
ADCP5-02 by Levels 1-20

Aglarond Regional Adventures

AGLA1-01 Lost Temple of the Fey Gods by Bill W. Baldwin Levels 1-4 (H1)
AGLA1-02 At the Foot of the Lighthouse by Andrew Schneider Levels 4-7 (H2)
AGLA1-03 The Worst of All Snares by Brad Gardner Levels 7-10 (H3)
AGLA1-04 Through Twilight Boughs by Bill W. Baldwin Levels 4-7 (H2)
AGLA1-05 Silver Lining by Brad Gardner Levels 1-4 (H1)
AGLA1-06 Twisted Roots Run Deep by Jared Fegan Levels 11-14 (P1)
AGLA1-07 Twilight Ambitions by Kevin Kimball Levels 7-10 (H3)
AGLA2-01 The Undumor Connection by Will Dover Levels 7-10 (H3)
AGLA2-02 First Strike by Rishi Agrawal Levels 14-17 (P2)
AGLA2-03 Sojourner's Way by James B. Holdridge Levels 1-4 (H1)
AGLA2-04 Fruit from a Poisoned Tree (2 Rounds) by Jared Fegan and John Brice Levels 17-20 (P3)

Akanul Regional Adventures

AKAN1-01 The Rotting Ruins of Galain by Colin Marco Levels 1-4 (H1)
AKAN1-02 The Depths of Airspur by Eric E. Menge Levels 4-7 (H2)
AKAN1-03 Property for Sale by Lawrence E.D. Vickers Levels 7-10 (H3)
AKAN1-04 Runes in Ruins by Stephen Baker Levels 4-7 (H2)
AKAN1-05 Shell Game by Stephen Baker Levels 7-10 (H3)
AKAN1-06 Abeir Eternal Levels 7-10 (H3)
AKAN1-07 Faint Hope by Gregg Peevers Levels 1-4 (H1)
AKAN2-01 Set Adrift by DaK Levels 11-14 (P1)
AKAN2-02 Peripheral Concerns Levels 1-4 (H1)

Baldur's Gate Regional Adventures

BALD1-01 Flames of Initiation by Otávio A. Gonçalves Levels 1-4 (H1)
BALD1-02 The Night I Called the Undead Out by Otávio A. Gonçalves Levels 4-7 (H2)
BALD1-03 Tome of the Traitor by JC Alvarez Levels 7-10 (H3)
BALD1-04 Silent Streets and Vanished Souls by Dave Brainard Levels 1-4 (H1)
BALD1-05 Lost Refuge by Thiago de Oliveira Gonçalves Paragon Tier
BALD1-06 Brothers in Arms by Leonardo B. Koerich Levels 4-7 (H2)
BALD2-01 Turning Point   Paragon Tier
BALD2-02 Broken Pride   Levels 1-4 (H1)
BALD2-03 Scores to Settle   Levels 7-10 (H3)

Core Adventures

CORE1-01 Inheritance by Pieter Sleijpen Levels 1-4 (H1)
CORE1-02 The Radiant Vessel of Thesk by Shawn Merwin Levels 1-4 (H1)
CORE1-03 Sense of Wonder by M. Sean Molley Levels 1-4 (H1)
CORE1-04 Crystal Clear by M. Sean Molley Levels 4-7 (H2)
CORE1-05 Touched by Darkness by Travis R. Woodall Levels 4-7 (H2)
CORE1-06 Incident at the Gorge of Gauros by Mike Barnes Levels 7-10 (H3)
CORE1-07 Sovereign of the Mines by M. Sean Molley Levels 7-10 (H3)
CORE1-08 Taken by Pieter Sleijpen Levels 7-10 (H3)
CORE1-09 Ages Best Forgotten by Charles Peacock Levels 7-10 (H3)
CORE1-10 Dancing Shadows by Bruce Paris Levels 4-7 (H2)
CORE1-11 Drawing a Blank by Colleen Simpson Levels 11-14 (P1)
CORE1-12 Songs of the Heart by Renout van Rijn Levels 7-10 (H3)
CORE1-13 The Fate of Camp 15 by Wade Jones Levels 1-4 (H1)
CORE1-14 What Storms May Come by Teos Abadia Levels 11-14 (P1)
CORE1-15 Where Dragons Die by John Rogers Levels 11-14 (P1)
CORE1-16 Fragments of a Shattered Mind by Brian Schoner Paragon Tier
CORE1-17 Finding Harmony by Dave Guerrieri Levels 4-7 (H2)
CORE2-01 Killing the Messenger by Nick Jones and Dave Kay Levels 11-14 (P1)
CORE2-02 Rising of the Dark by Pierre van Rooden and Vincent van der Plas Levels 11-14 (P1)
CORE2-03 High Infidelity by Dave Kay Levels 14-17 (P2)
CORE2-04 Lost on the Golden Way by Scott Horn Levels 1-4 (H1)
CORE2-05 The Black Card by Theron Martin Levels 7-10 (H3)
CORE2-06 Ripples in the Stream of Souls by Christopher M. Sniezak and Mark Knapik Levels 14-17 (P2)
CORE2-07 Where Secrets Lie by Gary Affeldt Levels 4-7 (H2)
CORE2-08 Enemy of My Enemy by Dave Kay Levels 14-17 (P2)
CORE2-09 The Company We Keep   Heroic Tier
CORE2-10 Upon the Sea of Stars [2 Rounds] by Dave Kay and Dan Anderson Levels 17-20 (P3)
CORE2-11 The Sign of Four [2 Rounds] by Pierre van Rooden Levels 17-20 (P3)
CORE2-12 The Sschindylryn Heresy [2 Rounds] by Ryan Cannon and Pierre van Rooden Levels 17-20 (P3)

Cormyr Regional Adventures

CORM1-01 The Black Knight of Arabel by Mike Lee Levels 1-4 (H1)
CORM1-02 Gangs of Wheloon by Andrew Schneider Levels 4-7 (H2)
CORM1-03 Head Above Water by Alana Abbott Levels 7-10 (H3)
CORM1-04 All the King's Men by Andrew Schneider Levels 7-10 (H3)
CORM1-05 In the Bleak Midwinter by Alana Abbott Levels 1-4 (H1)
CORM1-06 Curse of the Queen of Thorns by Mike Lee Levels 11-14 (P1)
CORM1-07 Patronage and Pestilence by George Redifer Levels 1-4 (H1)
CORM2-01 For Crown and Kingdom by Matt Arnold Levels 1-4 (H1)
CORM2-02 Pain by Pierre van Rooden Levels 11-14 (P1)
CORM2-03 Secret of the Queen of Thorns by Ryan W. Roberts Levels 14-17 (P2)
CORM2-04 Fury of the Queen of Thorns by Dan Anderson Levels 17-20 (P3)

Dalelands Regional Adventures

DALE1-01 The Prospect by Pierre van Rooden Levels 1-4 (H1)
DALE1-02 Blades for Daggerdale by Matthais Schäfer Levels 4-7 (H2)
DALE1-03 Master and Servant by Matthais Schäfer and Arjen Laan Levels 7-10 (H3)
DALE1-04 The Lady in Flames by Brad Gardner Levels 4-7 (H2)
DALE1-05 Hunters' Down by Ralf Zuiderhoek Levels 7-10 (H3)
DALE1-06 The Vesperin Initiative by Mickey Tan Levels 11-14 (P1)
DALE1-07 Arts by Oliver Kemmet Levels 1-4 (H1)
DALE2-01 Forever by Eric de Vries Levels 4-7 (H2)
DALE2-02 Agony by Matthais Schäfer and Renout van Rijn Levels 14-17 (P2)
DALE2-03 Swords from Plowshares by Ryan Cannon Levels 4-7 (H2)
DALE2-04 Illsyldra by Mickey Tan Levels 11-14 (P1)

Dragon Coast Regional Adventures

DRAG1-01 Many Hands Make Light Work by Bruce Paris Levels 1-4 (H1)
DRAG1-02 The Thin Gray Line by Joe Fitzgerald Levels 4-7 (H2)
DRAG1-03 A Stab in the Dark by Renout van Rijn Levels 7-10 (H3)
DRAG1-04 Falling Snow, White Petal by Patrick Williamson Levels 4-7 (H2)
DRAG1-05 White Flower Falling by Warwick Wright Levels 7-10 (H3)
DRAG1-06 Night of Fallen Petals by Pierre van Rooden Levels 7-10 (H3)
DRAG1-07 Crafts by Andrew Cowan Levels 1-4 (H1)
DRAG2-01 Discomfort by Ben McFarland Levels 11-14 (P1)
DRAG2-02 This Gathering Storm by Mark Somers Levels 1-4 (H1)
DRAG2-03 Of Wild and Darkened Waters by Joe Fitzgerald and Glenn Tait Levels 4-7 (H2)
DRAG2-04 Into the Maelstrom by Bruce Paris Levels 7-10 (H3)

East Rift Regional Adventures

EAST1-01 These Hallowed Halls by Bill Benham Levels 1-4 (H1)
EAST1-02 Marauder's Spear by Art Severance and Mike Rizzo Levels 4-7 (H2)
EAST1-03 Unbidden by Thomas J. Scott Levels 7-10 (H3)
EAST1-04 Darkness in Delzimmer by Roy Thalman Levels 1-4 (H1)
EAST1-05 Mole Hunt by Jeanette D. Martin and Sara D. Green Levels 4-7 (H2)
EAST1-06 The Fardrop Incident by Jared Twing Levels 11-14 (P1)
EAST1-07 Right of Passage   Levels 4-7 (H2)
EAST2-01 Ends and Means by Travis R. Woodall Levels 4-7 (H2)
EAST2-02 Sibilant Whispers by Jonathon Kruger Levels 11-14 (P1)
EAST2-03 Nightmares by Thomas J. Scott Levels 11-14 (P1)

Impiltur Regional Adventures

IMPI1-01 Alone by Creighton Broadhurst Levels 1-4 (H1)
IMPI1-02 Breaking Point by Dominic Amann Levels 4-7 (H2)
IMPI1-03 Lost Souls by Dave Kay Levels 7-10 (H3)
IMPI1-04 Bandits on the Farm by Donovan Hicks Levels 4-7 (H2)
IMPI1-05 How to Hunt a Demon by Finn Kisch Levels 4-7 (H2)
IMPI1-06 The Ancient Temple by Karim Majeri Levels 11-14 (P1)
IMPI1-07 Masquerade by Jeanette D. Martin and Sara D. Green Levels 4-7 (H2)
IMPI2-01 Goblins from Below by Dan Taylor Levels 7-10 (H3)
IMPI2-02 Wetwork by Donovan Hicks Levels 11-14 (P1)
IMPI2-03 Rooting out Corruption by Jeannette D. Martin and Sara D. Green Levels 14-17 (P2)
IMPI2-04 Goblins Strike Back by Mickey Tan and Bruce Higa Levels 17-20 (P3)

Luruar Regional Adventures

LURU1-01 Slivers of Eaerlann by Creighton Broadhurst Levels 1-4 (H1)
LURU1-02 The Gibbous Moon by Robert Wills Levels 4-7 (H2)
LURU1-03 Shades of Blue Fire by Dan Jewell and Creighton Broadhurst Levels 7-10 (H3)
LURU1-04 Prey for the Night by Bill W. Baldwin Levels 7-10 (H3)
LURU1-05 Beyond the Wild Frontier by Ian Hambly Levels 7-10 (H3)
LURU1-06 Desperate Times by Ian Hayward Levels 4-7 (H2)
LURU1-07 Demonic Dealings by David Birchall Levels 7-10 (H3)
LURU2-01 Hands that Rock the Cradle by Pieter Sleijpen Levels 11-14 (P1)
LURU2-02 Shadows of the Knights by Mickey Tan Levels 7-10 (H3)
LURU2-03 Forgotten Crypts, Hidden Dangers by Pierre van Rooden Levels 1-4 (H1)
LURU2-04 Need to Know by Pierre van Rooden Levels 4-7 (H2)

Mini-Campaign Adventures

Mini-Campaigns are designed to serve as an entry point for new LFR players while also offering something interesting for veterans. We recommend that you create a new 1st-level character when starting a mini-campaign, but you aren't required to do so. The Year 1 mini-campaign is set in Returned Abeir; the Year 2 mini-campaign is set in Ravens Bluff. The two mini-campaigns are not connected, but within each campaign, you should make every effort to play the adventures in the order listed, because the story of each adventure assumes that you have played the previous adventures in that series.

MINI1-01 Stirring the Embers by Gary Affeldt Levels 1-4 (H1)
MINI1-02 The Burning Scent of Perfumed Swords by Eric E. Menge Levels 1-4 (H1)
MINI1-03 Building the Pyre by Richard W. Brown Levels 1-4 (H1)
MINI1-04 Coaxing the Flame by Craig Campbell Levels 1-4 (H1)
MINI1-05 Pyrophobia by Rydia Q. Vielehr Levels 1-4 (H1)
MINI1-06 Quench the Fire of the Raging God by Greg Marks Levels 1-4 (H1)
MINI2-01 A Mourning of Ravens by Keith and Claire Hoffman Levels 1-4 (H1)
MINI2-02 Ravens Under the Midday Sun by Gary Affeldt Levels 1-4 (H1)
MINI2-03 Raven Knights by Shawn Merwin Levels 1-4 (H1)

Moonshae Isles Regional Adventures

MOON1-01 Nature's Wrath by Michael Mockus Levels 1-4 (H1)
MOON1-02 The Sea Drake by JP Chapleau Levels 4-7 (H2)
MOON1-03 Black Gold by Leonard Logan Levels 7-10 (H3)
MOON1-04 Black Blood by JP Chapleau Levels 7-10 (H3)
MOON1-05 Lost Love by Mick Hand Levels 7-10 (H3)
MOON1-06 Black Heart by JP Chapleau Levels 11-14 (P1)
MOON1-07 Treasure Hunt by Timmy Creese Levels 7-10 (H3)
MOON2-01 Darkness Falls Over Moray by Louis Giersch Levels 4-7 (H2)
MOON2-02 Matters of the Heart   Levels 1-4 (H1)
MOON2-03 Dark Lords of Oman   Levels 14-17 (P2)

My Realms Adventure Packets

My Realms adventure packets allow DMs to create and run their own adventures as part of the Living Forgotten Realms campaign. Each packet includes blank story awards (including a form-fillable version). Please remember that only the author of a My Realms adventure is permitted to run it - these adventures may not be published, offered to the general public, or distributed.

Effective 20 April 2011, the Year 1 (MYRE1-X) and Year 2 (MYRE2-X) My Realms adventure packets have been retired. They are replaced by MYRE3-1 (which covers the entire Heroic tier) and MYRE3-2 (which covers the entire Paragon tier). Older My Realms adventures should be updated to the new guidelines, converting the high/low tier from the previous level bands to Adventure Levels (there are five ALs per tier). To be clear, a My Realms adventure is not required to include support for an entire tier of play! The supported ALs are entirely up to the author (chosen from the normal ALs for each tier permitted by the campaign rules). Regardless of Adventure Level, My Realms tables still have to be legal according to the rules for choosing to play a particular AL found in the LFR Campaign Guide.

MYRE1-01 My Realms: Low Heroic Tier [Retired; use MYRE3-1] Levels 1-4 (H1)
MYRE1-02 My Realms: Mid Heroic Tier [Retired; use MYRE3-1] Levels 4-7 (H2)
MYRE1-03 My Realms: Upper Heroic Tier [Retired; use MYRE3-1] Levels 7-10 (H3)
MYRE1-04 My Realms: Low Paragon Tier [Retired; use MYRE3-2] Levels 11-14 (P1)
MYRE2-01 My Realms: Mid Paragon Tier [Retired; use MYRE3-2] Levels 14-17 (P2)
MYRE2-02 My Realms: Upper Paragon Tier [Retired; use MYRE3-2] Levels 17-20 (P3)

Quest Adventures

Note: The physical RPGA Rewards Cards unlocking these quest adventures are no longer required for LFR play. However, each character at the table must have completed the prerequisite tasks in order to go on the Quest Adventure. Please refer to the LFR Campaign Guide for details.

QUES1-01 Black Cloaks and Bitter Rivalries by Eric E. Menge Levels 7-10 (H3)
QUES2-01 Stir Not the World's Doom by Rydia Q. Vielehr Levels 11-14 (P1)


Special adventures (sometimes referred to as Core Specials) are designed to be challenging, but fair and fun, experiences where the players must work together in order to successfully complete the entire adventure within the time limit. These adventures always premiere at major conventions, so the real-world slot time is usually a significant design consideration (as a rule of thumb, we put in about 120% of the content that a normal LFR adventure of the same length would have; the idea is that a group that is really on their game can make it through, but less-effective groups might not). Special adventures generally give greater rewards (in terms of XP and treasure) than other LFR adventures do, and are generally more difficult than a typical adventure (this might be due to harder combats, more combats, or other elements of the adventure that pose challenges of a different sort than those normally encountered in LFR).

Special adventures are sanctioned for both public and private play, and it's up to each individual group whether or not to faithfully follow the restrictions in a given Special (such as a real-world time limit). The LFR police aren't going to come to your house and take away your dice if your group prefers to spend 12 hours so that you can fully experience all the potential encounters or maximize your rewards from what was intended to be an 8-hour Special with a hard stop. Just don't go bragging about your accomplishment. :)

The rules for replaying adventures in LFR are a little bit confusing when you compare adventures that support multiple tiers of play (such as ADCP1-1 and ADCP2-1) with those that are based on the same theme but where the different tiers are broken out as different adventures (such as SPEC1-3 and SPEC2-1). If a single adventure supports multiple level bands or tiers, it is not legal to replay that adventure with the same character (but you as a player can play it multiple times with different characters). For example, ADCP2-1 The Paladins' Plague supports the H1 through P2 level bands, but it is one adventure (the H1 encounters are the same as the P2 encounters, other than different stat blocks), so each character can only play it once. SPEC2-1, on the other hand, is really five different adventures (the H1 adventure is totally different from the H2 adventure, which is totally different from the H3 adventure, and so forth). The five SPEC2-1 adventures take place at the same time from a story perspective, but the rules of the campaign do not prohibit the same character from playing each of the five SPEC2-1 adventures (assuming the character is of the appropriate level when each adventure is played). The way you can tell whether same-character replay is legal is simply this: if the adventure is delivered as a single file and there are multiple sets of stat blocks in that single file, you can't replay that adventure with the same character. If there are separate adventure files, you can play through each of those individual adventures with the same character, if you want. If you have questions, please post on the LFR Community Forum.

SPEC1-01 Shades of the Zhentarim by Shawn Merwin and M. Sean Molley Levels 1-4 (H1)
Note: This is a two-round (eight-hour) adventure and should be played before playing SPEC1-2 if at all possible.
SPEC1-02 Zhent's Ancient Shadow by Shawn Merwin and M. Sean Molley Levels 7-10 (H3)
Note: This is a two-round (eight-hour) adventure and is intended to be played as a sequel to SPEC1-1 (with the assumption that some time has passed in both the game world and the real world, obviously). There is (at least) one encounter in this adventure that has become rather infamous among LFR players. Feel free to use DME as needed, or run it as written so your players can have their own stories to tell about it. For an excellent but spoiler-ific dissection of this encounter by one of the two authors responsible for it, read this blog post.
SPEC1-03-H1 Ghosts of the Past: Hive of Corruption by Ryan Cannon and Pierre van Rooden Levels 1-4 (H1)
SPEC1-03-H2 Ghosts of the Past: Windsong Tower by Brad Gardner Levels 4-7 (H2)
SPEC1-03-H3 Ghosts of the Past: Siren's Lure by Joe Fitzgerald Levels 7-10 (H3)
SPEC1-03-P1 Ghosts of the Past: Dark Portal by Dave Kay Levels 11-14 (P1)
Ghosts of the Past comprises four separate adventures, each of which represents a mission upon which the PCs are sent by the ruler of Myth Drannor. Story-wise the most likely situation is that all four of these adventures occur at the same time, but we deliberately included a reward that PCs can only get by playing the different versions of this adventure at different level bands. Some players choose to play each version of SPEC1-3 with a different character, others choose to play each new adventure with the same character as that character reaches the appropriate level band. The choice is up to you.
SPEC2-01-H1 The Scourge of Scornubel by Alana Abbott Levels 1-4 (H1)
SPEC2-01-H2 Dogs of War by Keith and Claire Hoffman Levels 4-7 (H2)
SPEC2-01-H3 The Morninglord's Laughter by Shawn Merwin Levels 7-10 (H3)
SPEC2-01-P1 Blinking Eye of Fire by Verne Woolf Levels 11-14 (P1)
SPEC2-01-P2 Scout's Honor by Teos Abadia Levels 14-17 (P2)
The five adventures that were collectively released as SPEC2-01 are intended to be played as prequels to the Battle Interactive ADCP2-1 The Paladins' Plague. Story-wise they all occur at roughly the same time and the intent was that any given character would only play one of these five adventures (but a single player could play all five, using a different character for each). Unlike SPEC1-3, there is no reward for playing more than one of the SPEC2-1 adventures, and as we were not particularly clear about how the series was intended to work at the time we released the SPEC2-1 adventures, many players have chosen to play more than one of the SPEC2-1 adventures with the same character when that character reaches each appropriate level band. No real harm is done by this, so it's up to you whether to accept the temporal paradox or not.
SPEC2-02-P1 Tyranny's Bleak Depths by M. Sean Molley Levels 11-14 (P1)
SPEC2-02-P2 Tyranny's Bitter Frost by M. Sean Molley Levels 14-17 (P2)
SPEC2-02-P3 Tyranny's Perilous Bastion by M. Sean Molley Levels 17-20 (P3)
SPEC3-01 Roots of Corruption: Infestation by Andrew Cowan Heroic Tier
SPEC3-02 Roots of Corruption: Dark Seeds by Pieter Sleijpen, Renout van Rijn,
and Krishna Simonse
Paragon Tier
TODO: Placeholder for SPEC3-03

Tymanther Regional Adventures

TYMA1-01 Elder Wisdom by Jeff Hertel Levels 1-4 (H1)
TYMA1-02 Taking Stock of the Situation by Jeff Hertel Levels 4-7 (H2)
TYMA1-03 Tools of the Trade by Jeff Hertel Levels 7-10 (H3)
TYMA1-04 Death Before Dishonor by Keith Symcox Levels 4-7 (H2)
TYMA1-05 From One Dwarf to Another by Joshua Freeman Levels 1-4 (H1)
TYMA1-06 Troubled Roads by Mark Pekel Levels 11-14 (P1)
TYMA1-07 Stolen Cargo   Levels 7-10 (H3)
TYMA2-01 Old Enemies Arise by Mike McTee Levels 1-4 (H1)
TYMA2-02 The Hand of Darkness by Pat Smith Levels 4-7 (H2)
TYMA2-03 Tying Up Loose Ends by Mark Pekal Levels 14-17 (P2)
TYMA2-04 Stand Against the Darkness by Mike McTee Levels 7-10 (H3)

Waterdeep Regional Adventures

WATE1-01 Heirloom by Claire and Keith Hoffman Levels 1-4 (H1)
WATE1-02 Dark Secrets of Downshadow by Claire and Keith Hoffman Levels 4-7 (H2)
WATE1-03 The Woolmen's Restless Tomb by Brayden Glad Levels 7-10 (H3)
WATE1-04 Mystery of Deepwater Harbor by Brad Gardner Levels 7-10 (H3)
WATE1-05 Lost in the Fog by Timothy Bailey Levels 1-4 (H1)
WATE1-06 Out of Hatred by Keith and Claire Hoffman Levels 11-14 (P1)
WATE1-07 The Missing and the Missed by Jeanette D. Martin and Sara D. Green Levels 4-7 (H2)
WATE2-01 Gilding a Noble by Brad Gardner Levels 7-10 (H3)
WATE2-02 Closing a Deal by Richard W. Brown Levels 11-14 (P1)
WATE2-03 Noble Dangers by Claire and Keith Hoffman Levels 11-14 (P1)
WATE2-04 Stage Misdirection by Brad Gardner Levels 1-4 (H1)